Is There One Best Message for Outreach?

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Breakthrough concepts start with a small idea. Innovations start with a small discovery. And global change usually begins with a simple will to make a life-changing idea known. The courage to reach out to people to promote an idea can take one a long way.


Such is the case of humanitarian, environmental, ethical vegan clothing, and women’s rights. All these movements started from simple beginnings. It’s the outreach strategy that took it far.


But is there a one-size-fits-all strategy to spread a message? The simple answer is no. However, there are specific strategies that perfectly suit a specific message. As the public’s preference changes, so should the outreach techniques to meet the needs of the people.


Different types of vegan, humanitarian, and environmental activism

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Today, humanitarian and environmental advocacies have compelling messages the public can’t help but notice. Although conservation messages are prevalent and noticeable today, this advocacy started way back in the 19th century merely as a collective interest of natural historians and conservationists.


Over the years, this advocacy gave birth to international non-profit organisations and groups supporting other related interests, such as animal rights (Britain’s Royal Society for the Protection of Animals), national parks preservation (America’s Sierra Club), and conservation (Australian Conservation Foundation). This message spread around the world through activism.


Contrary to popular belief, activism doesn’t have to involve force or violent disruption. Any effort that seeks to impede, promote, or intervene economic and socio political reforms is called activism. Over the years, the following are the common types of activism:

  • Rallies, strikes, community movements, and street marches – The recent Global Climate Strike that Greta Thunberg pioneers is a perfect example of this type of activism. What we know now as a million people strong international movement actually just started with Thunberg’s decision to sit outside the Swedish parliament building alone on August 28, 2018. Her simple, yet iconic, “school strike for climate” handwritten sign rallies millions of young people and adults to unite across cultures and timezones. Aside from the Global Climate Strike, People’s Climate March (2014), March for Science (2017), and Earth Day (since 1970).


  • Statement apparel – Rallies and marches might be effective in promoting conservation messages. But joining these activities is not for everyone, especially those busy at work or business. Hence, the birth of another form of activism – fashion and ethical vegan clothing. One can live the spirit and message of environmentalism simply by opting for apparel made of recycled and sustainable materials. Quietly displaying the messages you wish to convey via a t-shirt or bag will still garner people’s attention, and hopefully stick in their mind.
  • Internet activism – The emergence of different digital platforms also ushers another breakthrough form of activism: internet activism. Today, we can find a wealth of websites advocating eco-tourism, conservation, and animal welfare. Social media also opens a lot of opportunities for people to participate in environmental concerns by sharing videos, posts, and pictures. Sending emails, podcasts, digital brochures, and e-books are also great ways to share an advocacy online.


Best outreach tactics to get across the public

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World-renowned author, poet, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than an untold story.” The good thing these days is the wealth of options to get a message across. And the method should depend on the target audience.


Internet activism works best for younger crowds, or when a story is best told through important visuals. Although statement apparel is suitable for everyone, this in the fashion, design, and modelling industries could carry this method of activism a lot better as part of their work. Rallies, strikes, and marches, on the other hand, are suitable for any age.

But joining these events requires courage. Environmental messages could be shared in written or oral form. Literature, for instance, could also be a good way to present these messages in compelling prose. Many advocates are also now learning how to find Instagram influencers to leverage the authority and readership of celebrities for promotions.

Social media influencers and vegan activism


As their name implies, influencers amass a huge readership and followership in their online accounts; hence, their capacity to drive lifestyle change is also great. They can serve as role models of different lifestyles.


For vegan activism, influencers play a huge role in promoting that sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle is doable. Vegan influencers, such as Sterling K. Brown, Natalie Portman, and Ellen DeGeneres, post their struggles and successes as vegans. Recipes and plant-based alternatives to animal products are also available online to help the public follow their footsteps.


Ultimately, promoting environmental messages, such as conservation, ethical vegan clothing, and animal welfare, is a worthy activity to participate in. With the wealth of outreach techniques, one can always find a specific method to suit one’s personal preferences and the target audience.



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