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Embracing veganism means living a sustainable, cruelty-free, and plant-based lifestyle. However, there is so much more to it than abstaining from animal-derived products. It also means joining a massive community of compassionate and intentional people.

As in other communities, tribalism is essential to keep the vegan community thriving. Learn all about tribalism and how it knits together people who share the same outlook on life.

What is tribalism?

In anthropology, tribalism is the forming of an organized group of people with a common interest and shared goal. In history textbooks, you would find that early humans traveled around the world in tribes. 

In popular culture, tribalism has a different definition from the textbooks. Tribalism is a way of thinking shared by a group of people who vowed to be loyal to their beliefs. 

In veganism, tribes are essential. It inspires individuals to continue supporting causes that they are passionate about. It also encourages other people to join the good cause. That’s why vegans pool into tribes to support one another.

Providing support amidst difficult times

Veganism is a completely different way of life. If you grew up in a non-vegan family (like most of us have), you would find it scary at first to let go of meat and animal-derived products. However, the vegan community derives its strength from the camaraderie and cooperation of all members, and once you have a supportive team around you, you’ll never want to look back.

Tribalism can help people foster a sense of belongingness and acceptance. If you’re planning on joining vegan groups, here are some of the benefits you’ll get from them:

  • Encouragement
  • If this is your first time in vegan practice, living or being with other vegans can give you encouragement in times of doubt. When you shift to veganism, your body will physically experience some change that you’re not used to, on its way to getting healthier. You may also have some tough experiences as you encounter other humans who are indifferent to the information you’ve learned. With other members ready to help, you have the assurance that other people are ready to support you in times of self-doubt. 

  • Belongingness
  • Let’s say you’re into dressing up. You want to feel fabulous with your type of fashion. But, many clothing nowadays comes from animal products like leather, wool, etc. You can ask your vegan friends where to buy vegan clothing that matches your style, because today there are endless options of companies who create ethical clothing, such as David’s Brand. The ultimate goal is to feel that you belong to a group, and your newfound friends can point you in the right direction of their favorite clothing companies.

  • Immersion
  • You can appreciate the beauty of veganism if you immerse yourself to it. You are not wholly immersed by just abstaining from meat and animal-derived products, but the people around you are not. It would be hard that way, and it would be tempting to discontinue this practice. However, if you’re having a hard time with the adjustment process, immerse yourself. Look for local vegan communities where you can learn more about veganism. There’s no better way to learn than immersing yourself into the culture.

    Veganism: a social justice movement

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    Abstaining from animal products is the primary goal of veganism. In effect, veganism also equates to animal rights and protection. Vegans care about much more than animals though, as animal agriculture negatively affects the earth and other humans quality of life as well. Many leading health issues can be attributed to an unhealthy, animal-based diet.

    Veganism’s motivation is to return to human’s purpose here on Earth: to be stewards of all living things. Animal welfare groups establish pigs animal sanctuaries to take care of pigs that would’ve been otherwise slaughtered for human consumption. Vegan clothing is also becoming an alternative because animals suffer for human clothing needs as well.

    As the wise old saying goes, “in unity there is strength.” When vegans pool as a group, they can amplify their goals and make the world notice them. Tribes in the past grew by letting people join them. Tribes grew into nations, and nations grew into empires. Vegans can influence the world if they continue to work together and to keep fighting for their goal.

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